Natural Horse Riding Centre in Spain

Our Clinics and Workshops are designed to enhance everyones horse riding and ground work skills beyond their greatest expectations. Here you will have a unique opportunity to create a very special partnership with horses.

10 top reasons to choose Natural Horse Riding Centre in Spain

  • Learn  how  to read horses and interpret their behaviour.
  • Riding - Unravel the mystery of "Flexion without Force", Discover true unity and softness with the horse based on trust and communication.
  • Unique body awareness exercises helping you to achieve natural harmony and balance within yourself when on the ground and in the saddle.
  • Lessons in the use of photonic light therapy and barefoot trimming
  • Idyllic trail riding through picturesque olive groves.
  • Experience a night camping under the stars with your horse.
  • Fantastic, spacious accommodation.
  • Relaxation and reflection time under the beautiful Mediterranean sun.
  •  Take a cooling swim in the  outdoor pool.
  • Developing your skills with horses has never been so enjoyable!!