"Natural Horsemanship" does this mean no Saddle or Bridle?
Not at all, Natural Horsemanship is based on developing trust and understanding, this is achieved on the ground before you saddle up. Riding without a saddle or bridle is the ultimate level of understanding between horse and rider.
What Riding Experience do I need to have?
You DO NOT need any riding experience to book on any of the courses. We are teaching you he fundamentals of making a Natural Connection with the horse in-which many people have not had the pleasure of doing, so. Later in the course we assess your asymmetry on the horse, to help you understand how to use your body to feel more secure on the saddle. Also, included in the lesson; One Rein Riding Techniques
  • If you're emotionally and physically fit to Walk, Trot and Canter that's great. To go out on a trail ride, we must have your confidence high in Canter and Rising Trot Mechanism.
If, Not.....WE will aim to get you there. Only what you, completely feel comfortable at ease with.
What does the Courses generally include? and what's not included?

with the Tracy James Natural Horsemanship Tuition includes prices that are based on sharing a Double Room with Twin Beds and a Bathroom. Access to a shared Kitchen and Guest Area w/ TV.

for an extra fee you can upgrade to a Private Room or book our  Deluxe Room with Walk-In Shower and Jacuzzi Tub

photos @ www.airbnb.com/rooms/1102833

Not Included:

  • Flights
  • Travel & Accident Insurance
-Holiday/Accident Insurance is a MUST for ALL participating guest at our Centre
-We're more than happy to do some of your grocery shopping before your arrival, just email a list of your LIKE and DIS-LIKES. you can pay on your arrival.
  • Transportation/Hired Car/Rental Car
- We are more than happy to organize pick-ups and drop-offs. Between the times of 10am - 6pm at a rate of €90 per. person -We have NO PROBLEM taking you to the Local Village or Supermarket for your provisions.
What Items should I bring?
The Cortijo San Antonio is a family establishment, we like to create a relaxed informal atmosphere. Whatever's your fashion/style maybe around your home that makes you feel comfortable. Spring/Summer Months: Sunglasses, Sun Protection or Sun Tanning Oil, Swimsuit Note: Light Rain Coat/Jacket for unpredictability light rain 
Do I have to look-after an allocated horse on the Cortijo
Our horses live out as a herd, you're more than welcome to join in with any of the activities that are necessary to keep them in this environment; fly spraying, grooming, feeding, washing down after play. The choice is entirely yours