Tracy James Bio


Tracy was convinced that she needed to understand all psychological aspects of horse behaviors to be able to help horses to overcome their fears.

Tracy successfully completed The Preliminary Certificate of Study in Monty Roberts Methods of Horsemanship in 1996. Having visited Monty's residence,Flag Is Up Farm, in California and being truly inspired by the man himself, she has gained considerable knowledge and experience over the years.

Tracy's combined training and experience has enabled her to help hundreds of horses and people to develop and accelerate their own level of horsemanship based on trust, understanding and communication. She has helped them to channel their energy in such a way that they achieve softness and lightness never felt before. Tracy states that everything must come from calmness.

Clinics are conducted to prepare you and the horse for a greater level of performance naturally. The goal is a horse that is soft, gentle, responsive, moves smoothly, and is relaxed in every situation.

Tracy will share with you her philosophy based on her new Programme "Making The Natural Connection" Building the confidence of the horse and rider through mutual trust and respect.

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"There are a lot of methods to handle horses but there is only one way that has results - that is to work on ourselves to understand our horses better and better. They tell us everything we need to know." - Tracy James

  Tracy is constantly striving to take her level of horsemanship to new heights having trained, over the years, with some of the most amazing horsemen/women in the world such as Monty Roberts, Philip Nye, Steve Halfpenny, Mary Wanless, Mark Rashid and Klaus Hemfling.       certificate

When you're with Tracy her deep love of horses shines through.

Come and meet her and her team for the Ultimate "Natural" Experience